Jennifer Worman: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

We all have secrets and although I’ve been online for ten years, there are things I have chosen not to share. . . some by choice, some because I think no one cares! But I recently did a poll to see if you guys wanted to know more about me and I got 100% of the poll with a resounding yes.

So here goes and I hope you find them interesting as I had to really think hard about this to share the best of the best! I didn’t want to share generic facts but ones that made an impact on shaping me into who I am today. #9 is the one I’ve kept to myself the longest and one I debated on sharing. . . but here it is.

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{1} I was almost kidnapped when I was 2. Long story short, my mom and I went shopping and I wandered off. Later, my mom found me (who had been frantic and called everyone there was to help) and I was headed into a cab with a woman with another child. My mom was 24 or so and can’t remember how long I was gone or why she didn’t question the lady more but she was so elated in finding me, she grabbed me. The woman stated I wanted to follow them and her child, till this day I still wonder if the other boy was hers and what my life would have been like if I got into that cab.

{2}  This is somewhat embarrassing to say but I did Barbizon modeling school. I loved clothes for as long as I could remember and wanted to model.  I did a few catalogs and a small commercial in elementary school. My Barbizon modeling photos make me laugh, but how ironic is that I do social media for a living now and sell fashion, travel, and beauty

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{3}  I was a huge John Hughes fan (yes, I’m aging myself, but was also young when these were out), but I loved the romance, the high school drama, and man the music brings back memories. So I wanted to be “cool” and my manifestation skills date back to when I was a kid. I wanted to be a cheerleader and drive a convertible and both happened when I was 16. Plus, as cliche as the movies, my high school sweetheart was a football player. I loved high school and I still chat with my cheerleader friends from time to time!

{4} In a relationship or dating, I DO NOT want to know about or talk about what happens in the bathroom. I am a big believer, men and women should have separate bathrooms. Are you like this? LOL

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{5} I was born in Taiwan and came to Seattle when I was 3. I still have people who have said, “Wow, you speak great English”. And a few people I’ve gone out with have askes me if I love Thai food as they think Thai food is from Taiwan (seriously).

{6} I’ve owned/co-owned 6 homes and realized I have moved almost every 3 years since I was 24. I love homes and interior design, and my dream is to own a home with a pool! I’d love to live in California eventually.

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{7} This is a funny fact, I love food, and my ex-husband and I used to watch this show called “Man vs. Food”. It was entertaining, and some of the eats were enormous. Adam Richman was the host around 2009/2010. Well, during my separation about 5/6 years ago, one of my good friends invited me to an event where Adam was there as a host. I met him there, then once again for another event. Adam was the first person to ask me out on a date after I separated. I was so dumbfounded and also processing my separation that I said I wasn’t sure if I was ready to.  Adam’s funny, sweet, and quite entertaining, it was lovely to meet him :).

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{8} I do not like sharing drinks or anyone drinking out of my straw or cup. It’s so strange I know, but I don’t care if you are my boyfriend or kids, I prefer to have my own drink and my own spit, lol.  It’s one of my things!

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{9} The big one isn’t even {10}, here goes. People who are close to me know this but it isn’t public knowledge . . .  I’ve been married twice. I got married when I was 24 and it lasted 5 years. I had a big beautiful wedding at the Four Seasons in Seattle and even when I walked down the aisle, I felt immense anxiety. I look back and I don’t even know the person I was in my twenties. Scared, and unsure of myself  I lived my husband’s life. Do I regret it? No, it made me who I am today. I do all the things I love, pursue things with passion, and I don’t put up with bullshit because of that marriage. He was 4 years older than me, but controlling, ill-tempered, and a bit narcissistic.  The things I put up with, some were terrible. From being called names to being left at restaurants constantly as he would get mad about everything and anything. I wasn’t even allowed to put a reservation under my name as it meant I was disrespectful to him. How life gives us lessons. I’m a true believer that life is like a book, the many chapters lead you to where you are now. People come and go to teach us things, some are meant for a chapter in our life, and some are meant to be in it for many chapters. I don’t regret much but see each experience as a learning one. Ladies, know your worth and love yourself. It is so important!

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10} I used to be afraid to be alone and from college, I got married. I finally lived alone when I was 29, but I dated immediately and within 5 months of my first marriage, I met my next husband.  We dated for 3 years before we got married. During this divorce, I vowed to figure out myself and not jump into a relationship. I had been with someone since I was 16. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve had a few relationships since my marriage, but am I happy alone? Hell, yes. I cherish my alone time now. I love eating, sleeping, reading, working, cleaning, and doing everything I can to appreciate “ME”. I learned to support myself emotionally and financially and love myself inside and out. I told my friend the other day, being with me is like winning the lottery and I truly believe that. I’ve gotten myself to a place where I can be an amazing partner because I have little outside baggage and I’ve dealt with many things. Many people I’ve gone out on a date, take little time to evaluate themselves and if they have exes, they don’t resolve their inner issues. Emotionally and financially I’m at the best place I’ve been ever and with or without a love in my life, I’m great because I LOVE MYSELF. I know my worth and the prices are high.  I really hope this post inspires you to look at things differently or helps you take any steps to take care of yourself.

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I’ve been thinking about writing an affirmation/journal book for a while and I am FINALLY launching it with this blog post. You can download it as an E-book or purchase a paperback or hardback version on Amazon. I am so excited to share some of the things that have helped me create the life of my dreams. Please check it out here and share it with anyone you think can benefit from it! 

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