Styling Services

Have you ever wanted a little help in putting together outfits, shopping, or editing your closet?  I believe everyone can easily put together outfits for everyday or special events and sometimes you just need a little help in the right direction.  You make so many decisions in your life why not make your wardrobe and shopping decisions a fun one.  Looking great should be easy!  Treat yourself to a wardrobe edit or a day of shopping or both.


Wardrobe and Styling Edit:  Do you want help with organizing, editing, and styling yourself with what you have?  This is the perfect service for you.  I can go through and show you how to put together outfits for everyday, utilizing pieces you love or haven’t worn, and recommending what to edit from your closet.  The service is customized to what you need; if you need more help with a head to toe look for everyday or to edit your closet or figure out what to add to your wardrobe, I will focus on your fulfilling your wardrobe needs.  Typically runs 2 – 3 hours.  Service starts at $100.

Shopping with JW:  Shop with a professional in updating and adding to your current wardrobe.  We will sit down and talk about your goals and a full day of shopping and outfitting will occur within your budget. Shopping should be fun, pampering, and a feel good experience; be prepared to walk away happy and feeling great.  Typically 4 – 8 hours.  Service starts at $200

Customize:  Contact me and we can discuss what you need, all styling services are customized to the individual but if you have a special occasion or project I would be happy to help.

Contact me by email ( for more details and pricing.